The next generation of businesses don’t run on just calls & emails…

Uptrado connects end users, traders, importers & suppliers and helps them evolve their supply chain, sales and resource management.


Join 1000+ Pharma companies leveraging the power of Uptrado Network

Its more than just evolving the supply chain ecosystem or helping companies grow their businesses.

It’s an entire community growing and evolving together…

How Uptrado is helping businesses grow and manage their sales 5x better?


More Visibility

A single platform bringing cross-verified buyers, suppliers, traders, manufacturers and all their transactions under a single platform. Right from quote comparision to logistics, traverse the status of each raw material transaction in process. Uptrado records every intricate detail to ensure that the right information is shared effeciently ensuring no leakages or miscommunication.


Higher Productivty

A detailed analysis of the supply chain industry revealed that team’s waste more than 30 hours every week negotiating and closing deals accross multiple channels platforms. Procurement has never been simpler! Send your PR’s to all the needed suppliers in a single click and close them in the next one. Need more? Monitor costs, savings and measure teams performance in a daily summary.


Bigger Network

Need more raw material manufacturers or looking to grow your business with more quotations? We are building a network of verified buyers and manufacturers along with digitizing their entire procurement process. Be a part of the Uptrado network and expand your business like never before!


Easier Accessibility

Get your entire procurement process on the cloud, accessible securely from anywhere you need. Be notified accross your phone and email for quotations and product requirements received. Moreover, Uptrado is built to be mobile-friendly too, so you can manage your transactions on the go.

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Harshada Corporation have been using the Uptrado platform since the past 6 months and it is a great platform for API/Pharma vendors like us.It has also helped us build new customers and widen our customer base across the country

Harshada Kanakia Head of Marketing & International Relations @ Harshada Corporation, Mumbai.

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